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Who We Are

Web-2u is an established New Zealand company. We are a team who are passionate about using our extensive technical expertise to deliver the best results for our customers.

We enjoy the challenge of identifying and implementing ways to create or improve the performance of our customers\' internet based services.

Web-2u excels at understanding and harnessing new technology as it emerges onto the market, to give our customers the most advanced solutions available.

Corporate History

Web-2u was formed in 2005 to provide WISP (Wireless ISP) services to the local community. At the time broadband internet options were limited, expensive and out of reach for many internet users. As time progressed and the competition in broadband services increased, Web-2u transitioned to becoming a web based business, embracing the "Web 2.0" phenomena.

We began with projects to develop dynamic websites where traditionally static websites were the norm - we could offer services for websites of any size to have a range of functionality that previously had been reserved only for the largest of websites.

As our expertise in Web 2.0 and dynamic websites increased, so did the scale and complexity of the projects we delivered. Building on the development of the smaller websites, we began to provide proof of concept work for the initial design and then the subsequent development of large scale web applications.

We are consistently innovative in how we use web technologies to provide highly advanced functionality to websites of all sizes to give our customers a competitive edge.

Using the skills built up by running our WISP internet network, we established our core hosting services in late 2006. Originally starting with basic hosting services, we have continually updated our systems to offer the most advanced services.

Throughout the life of our hosting services we have been and will continue to be very conscious of providing the best quality hosting for New Zealand web sites. We have and will always have an emphasis on speed, reliability, interactive functions and innovation when it comes to our hosting services.