Client Area

Outlook 20xx

Step 1: click tools then account settings

Step 2: Click new

Step 3: click manually configure server settings

Step 4: Click internet email

Step 5: Fill in details as supplied by Web-2u. Where the words “(yourdomain)” exist use the end part of your email address. E.g. if your domain name is “” fill out “”

Step 6: Click More Settings

Step 7: Click outgoing server, then check the top 2 boxes

Step 8: Click Advanced, change the “outgoing server (SMTP)” to “26”. Click OK.

Step 9: Save all the settings and then go to your main outlook screen. Send a few test emails, a couple to yourself as a test then click send receive.

Step 10: Go back to the “more settings screen”, click folders, “choose an existing folder” then click sent items (this will keep all your sent items from outlook synchronized with your sent items from webmail).

Step 11: go to website . Login using your assigned email address and password. Once in the panel click settings on the top bar, then smartermail client utilities on the left bar. On the page that appears click the download link to the right of “smartermail sync for outlook 2003 and above”. Make sure Outlook is closed and then install the extension. Open Outlook again.

Step 12: On the Smarter mail toolbar, click “smartermail sync” and then click account settings. On the right hand side click “add”.

Step 13: Fill in the details using your name as “display name” and for “Smartermail URL”

Step 14: Click Edit, Purge, Purge Options.

Step 15: Click “Purge items when switching folders while online” then click OK.