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Purchase + Colocate

Our Purchase + Colocation service allows our customers to purchase a server and host it with us. Because you own the hardware, there is a significant reduction in the monthly cost usually associated with a dedicated server. There is also no contract terms, giving greater flexibility to cancel at any time. Web-2u can still provide the same level of hardware and software support to our Purchase + Colocation customers as we do to our dedicated server customers as part of a managed service.

Servers start at $950 + GST and can be built to exacting specifications. Please contact us for a quote and specification advice.


Colocation costs $124.99/month for 1u and includes:

  • 2x 100mbps switchports
  • Unlimited national bandwidth
  • Unmetered international bandwidth
  • Dedicated VLAN and firewall rules
  • Flexible IPv4 addressing including routed subnets
  • 2x power sockets
  • comes with 1 usable ipv4 address (more available on request)
  • ipv6 ready